GearTalk is a video series produced by Women's Audio Mission that takes a tour of a featured piece of gear used in WAM's professional recording studio. From vintage outboard gear to the latest plug-ins, we cover it all!


Gear Talk Videos

A Designs P-1 and EM-Red Mic Preamps

This video gives an in-depth look at two awesome mic preamps made by A Designs, the EM Red and P-1. Includes examples of a vocal recorded through both...

IZotope RX Noise Reduction Plug-In

This video gives an in-depth look at iZotope's RX Denoiser Plug-In.

Live Sound Lecture: Women of Professional Concert Sound

This all-star panel of live sound engineers averages over 250 days a year mixing the biggest name acts in the business from Ke$hs to Pink to Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Super Bowl. Drawing...

Primacoustic CrashGuard and VoxGuard

This video gives an in-depth look at Primacoustic products: Voxguard and Crashguard. These are used to prevent bleed into microphones.

Radial Workhorse Powerhouse 500 Series Chassis

This video gives an in-depth look at the Radial Engineering Workhorse Powerhouse 500 series chassis.