About Us

About Us

SoundChannel is a project of Women’s Audio Mission (WAM). WAM is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women and girls in music production and the recording arts.

SoundChannel brings the award winning, college-tested curriculum of Women’s Audio Mission to a worldwide audience using new online delivery methods. SoundChannel’s online courses have re-invented the textbook, creating an entirely different learning experience: study at your own pace, see equipment up close and personal, interact and test yourself, access DIY projects and the best reading lists to brush up on the math and science necessary for a complete understanding of the field of professional audio and recording. SoundChannel not only teaches you the right way to do all things audio but also teaches you why, by delving into the math and science that govern sound and the gear used in professional audio and recording.

SoundChannel is unlike any other available training material because it is:

  1. Created and tested in a rigorous college environment by a tenured professor and 25 year audio professional.
  2. Based on the science behind music production. Most music production training is weak in theory because it has been created without a solid foundation in science. It makes the content harder to understand because it seems like "magic". SoundChannel’s materials were developed by an electrical engineer, who is an expert at making the science interesting and understandable.
  3. Using current music industry references. The author was a former major-label recording artist and is an active record producer that works with artists whose music is on commercial radio stations, in Hollywood films and on television.
  4. Gender and racially balanced. SoundChannel’s materials visually tie the trainings to producers, artists, educators from diverse backgrounds so that students see themselves represented in the field. There is no other training like it.
  5. Revolutionary in its delivery method - full of interactive quizzes, tests and branches to other levels of difficulty or other areas of interest.
  6. Full of up-close demonstrations from various viewing angles in real, world-class recording environments.

This project was made possible by funding from the San Francisco Arts Commission, Cultural Equity Grants, and ZeroDivide.

ZeroDivide San Francisco Arts Commission